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The "SCENTED STEPS" winds its ways through lush floral gardens 
 to the Mediterranean Villa in the foreground. Designed by Artist, 
 Vail Oxley.  This Grande Tapestry Wall Hanging will hang beautifully 
 over a sofa, in a foyer, or over the headboard in the bedroom.  
 Details include:
 Measures 56"W x
 Cotton, Polyester, Acrylic 
 Tapestry Fabric
 Fully Lined 
 with 100% Cotton backing. 
 Tapestry is 
 Brand New! 
 Has a 
 3" pocket on back to insert a decorative rod (not included)
 Bottom weight down rods 
 Proudly Made in USA!

Scented Steps Grande Tapestry Wall Hanging ~ Artist, Vail Oxley

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