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This is a Isabella's Journey signature "Echo" Faux Suede Carpet Bag. Endeavor touches of western charm. A supple suede-like veneer, featuring a dusty color palette, reveals a bucolic allure. Festooned with silver  hardware, faux leather trim and tight ribbed corduroy print, this  collection reflects rustic romanticism with Isabella's Carpet Bag.Absolutely fabulous quality and a roomy interior for today's woman on the go! Details include: 
 Size: 21.5" x 13.5" x 8"
 Suede-like veneer and accented with faux-leather trim
 Heavy duty handles
 Outer Front Signature Nickel Nameplate
 Zippered interior pocket
 Full signature satin lining

Isabella's Journey Fashion Echo Faux Suede & Western Floral Charm Carpet Bag

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