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This is the "HOUSE RULES" Tapestry Wall Hanging by Artist, Linda Spivey.  A 
 perfect message of rules for all family members to live by.Dear Family, We are blessed to be together in this place.....But you must do your part so we'll have Harmony in this space.
 If you make a mess, Clean it up 
 If you turned it on, Turn it off 
 If it rings, Answer it 
 If you slept on it, Make it up 
 If it cries, Love it 
 If you opened it, Close it 
 If it barks or meows, Feed it 
 If you want to borrow it, Ask first 
 If you wore it, Hang it up
 Details include:
 Measures 36" x 26"
 Cotton, Polyester Tapestry Fabric.
 Fully Lined.
 Ships folded. Rods not included.  
 Proudly Made in USA!

House Rules ~ Home Rules ~ Folk Art Inspired Tapestry Wall Hanging

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