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A white background perfectly outlines the text from the Bible that families can take to heart and use as their own. The Home Rules Tapestry Wall Hanging is a quiet way of reminding everyone in your  house, that you are a family, and although individuals, your lives are still interwoven, and each person needs to be respected and cared for as part of a whole. A delightful home sits above the rules, with a richly patterned border. 
 Home Rules
 Always be honest - Proverbs 12:22
  your blessings - Psalms 34:1-3
 Bear each other's burdens - Galatians
 Forgive and forget - Micah 7:18
 Be kind and tender hearted - 
 Ephesians 4:32
 Comfort one another - I Thessalonians 4:18
 your promises - Romans 4:21
 Be supportive of one another - Acts 20:35
  true to each other - Revelations 15:3
 Look after each other - 
 Deuteronomy 15:11
 Treat each other like you treat your friends - 
 Matthew 7:12
 but most important
 Love One Another deeply from the 
 heart - I Peter 1:22Details include:Measures 51" x 68"100% Cotton, Triple-WovenMachine Washable  
 Proudly Woven and Made in USA!

Home Rules Family Honesty/Kindness/Support/Love Tapestry Afghan Throw

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