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This is the Hallmark 2007 Lionel Train Freedom Train 3-Car Ornament Set 
 The post WWII Freedom Train carried the most important artifacts of American history to towns and cities across the country in an effort to rededicate citizens to the blessings of the American system. From 1947-1949, it received 3,521,841 visitors, who saw original documents such as the Declaration of Independence.  
 The American Locomotive Company furnished the train's motive power. This was the legendary PA-1, co-built with General Electric. It was a highly visible example of the capability of diesel power and probably hastened the demise of steam locomotives.  
 The Pennsylvania Railroad provided the observation cars that would become the Freedom Train's three display areas. Twenty-nine U.S. Marines guarded the contents and served as the hosts and interpretive staff for the visitors.The Pullman Co provided the three cars that were used as sleepers for the staff on the journey. They also furnished a conductor and three porters to serve the needs of the U.S. Marines and the other onboard staff. 
 Dated 2007
 Handcrafted and metal
 Set of 3: Locomotive, Observation & Sleeper 
 Brand New in Box

Hallmark 2007 Lionel Freedom Train Three Car Ornament Set

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