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Wall decor has moved far beyond paintings and photos, to a whole new realm 
 of decorative accents that bring creativity and beauty to even small 
 spaces between windows, over tables, or behind and above furniture.  
 This striking "Fleur de Bienvenue" tapestry bannerette is one of those 
 pieces that can literally go anywhere in the home, from the living room,
  to the bedroom, or even the bathroom. A magnificent work 
 featuring the iconic fleur de lis. 
 Details include:
 Size: 13"W x 18"L
 Cotton, Polyester, Acrylic Tapestry Fabric
 Includes beautiful resin topper (gold) to add an 
 extra special, elegant touch
 Proudly Made in USA!

Fleur de Bienvenue ~ FLeur de Lis Tapestry Bannerette w/Topper

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