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This is the "BLUE DOOR" Grande Tapestry Wall Hanging.  A 3-D tapestry that gives the feeling of walking upon a doorway.  What does a front door symbolize? Blue doors represent trust, loyalty and stability. The 
 color blue is often linked with thoughts and feelings of safety and 
 security. If your home is a safe haven, painting your front door blue 
 can reflect that. The deeper the blue color, the more you reflect that 
 feeling of stability for your home’s curb appeal.
 Details include:
 Size:  56" x 80". 
 Cotton, Polyester 
 Tapestry Fabric
 Fully Lined, 100% Cotton 
 (black) backing.
 Has a 3" rod pocket on back to insert your favorite decorative rod (not included)
 Made in USA!

Blue Door Three Dimensional Grande Tapestry Wall Hanging

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