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The Blackstone Cheesesteak Seasoning balances the bold flavors of a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. It is an essential seasoning for anyone who loves hearty American food. You won't be disappointed with this gourmet seasoning made of onion, garlic and bell pepper flavors. The Blackstone Cheesesteak seasoning tastes great on more than just steak. You can use it for any meal or snack in a day. Even try Blackstone Cheesesteak Seasoning on your favorite veggies! Let Blackstone Cheesesteak be the new favorite seasoning in your collection.
 Blackstone Cheesesteak Savory Dry Mix Seasoning, 7.3 oz
 Gourmet blend for use on the griddle, stovetop, or oven
 Works great with beef, pork, chicken, and more!
 Blended and bottled in the USA
 7.3 oz (218 grams)
 Perfect for use on cheesesteaks, fries and burgersCondition: New

Blackstone Cheesesteak Savory Dry Mix Seasoning Gourmet Griddle Blend 7.3 oz.

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